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Live show photos

“So give me all you got.
I can’t wait to watch you rot.
If there’s one thing you should learn about me
Don’t ever fucking doubt me!”

-Doubt Me

I’m the greenest dude on the Beartooth hype train. Believe me when I say that almost every single person in this Fresno crowd that braved the hottest day of the year (so far) has been a fan of theirs longer than I have, but that’s because I only started listening to them last year when I first watched the hard-hitting video for “I Was Alive”.

Then I started absorbing the rest of the album “The Surface” like a sponge and just meshed with the hella abundant bangers on it like “The Surface”, “What Are You Waiting For” and “Doubt Me”, my favorite song on the album

“If I could set the clocks back,
I wouldn’t be headed for a body bag.
One life and one decision.
Make sure it ends with you still living.”

-Body Bag

Then I started listening to the rest of their albums but I really jived the most with their very first album “Disgusting” to an almost personally-attacking degree. Caleb Shomo’s lyrics on this album really hit me like a magnum bottle to the back of the head with songs like “I Have A Problem”, “Body Bag” and “Beaten In Lips” (my favorite song of theirs period) and I really wished I had started listening to this album when I was on a downward spiral a few years ago.

“I found my vice
It lives in a bottle, and wants me to die
But I want to be alive!”

-I Have A Problem

On Saturday night, the came to Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden and tore through the Fresno crowd in 110º weather like a hot knife through soft butter. I really didn’t know what to expect from them but I arrived right at showtime, strapped on my cameras and jumped into the pit to a rabid show with a crowd frothing at the mouth to match it. Thanks to Numbskull and Tioga-Sequoia for their constant hospitality.

“This is for the kids with the beaten in lips.
Whose parents try to shut them up using their fists.
Keep living loud and proud!
They never can hold you down!”

-Beaten In Lips

Connecticut natives and metalcore staples Currents opened in support along with Boundaries and Tampa, FL’s NEVERTEL.


Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden

Fresno, CA