California Pickleball Classic Logo

Central California Pickleball Logo

The Job

Logo Design

My friend Aren (whom I also worked with on Grizzly Fest) is an avid pickleball player. After our stint as music festival managers, he decided he still wanted to put on good-scale events, so he founded a whole pickleball league in Fresno, CA called “Central California Pickleball“. A year in, he saw the demand for the more competitive players to have an outlet for all the talent in the area, so he started a pickleball tournament, got a bunch of sponsors together and managed to get a bunch of heads to sign up for it. He got just over 100 players for it in the first year.

This was the logo I designed for it and, being the Grizzly fanatics we are, we decided to incorporate a bear into the logo, which by now had formed into the “California Pickleball Classic”, a full-blown tournament with age and expertise divisions. On the second year, he managed to get over 200 players and over 700 attendees over the course of the 2-day tournament. It was also the first year I shot the tournament and you can see the photos from both days here.

The Client

Central California Pickleball

Fresno, CA

The Gear

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Intuos Pro