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Live show photos

Movements came to Downtown Fresno on March 30th, 2024 and they brought the RUCKUS! I’ve only been listening to them since their last album, appropriately called “RUCKUS!”, was served to me by ThE aLgOrItM when it dropped last year, but they’ve become a regular rotation band for me since. Tagging along were Tigers Jaw, whom I’ve been listening for for well over 15 years and have never seen live, much less shot them, and they were everything I had expected: nostalgic rock with a touch of keyboard pop. I was actually more excited to see them but, alas, Fresno showed up to see Movements and that’s exactly what Fresno did. One of my favorite parts of shooting live music is always shooting crowds and this crowd went hard for this band. In tour support we had Philly’s Webbed Wing and France’s Paerish. Just a solid ticket all the way down and a great Saturday night.


Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden

Fresno, CA