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Live show photos

When I was still (mentally) a child and showing up hungover to class every morning during college, one of my classmates came into the computer lab in the arts building at UC Mooney and popped this album by a band called Ozomatli into the classroom CD player. My reaction was instant brain melt.

About a quarter century later, they remain on my favorite bands and I finally got to shoot them for Tower Theater and Numbskull Shows on Cinco de Mayo, no less!

It’s rare for a band like Ozomatli to be together for 29 years, but it’s even more rare for those bands to use their voices to fight for their communities and those who are marginalized, while still maintaining the stance that you can find beauty in the chaos and have a fuckton of fun while doing it. I embraced the chaos a long time ago and I partially have the influence of Ozomatli’s music to thank for that. It was truly an honor to capture their live show.

Also, if you’ve ever been to a single one of their shows in your life, you know you’re there for a good time and the boys will make sure you have a proper one. Anyone who knows me, knows crowds are my favorite part of show photography and Ozo crowds always know how to party, even in confined spaces. If you know someone who has said that they went to an Ozomatli show and it was boring, that person is not your friend and should be treated hella sus.


Tower Theater

Fresno, CA