The Client

Rick Mirigian for Team Ramirez

The Job

Was contacted by my buddy Aren to see if I wanted to shoot a fight ringside. But, not just any fight… This would be welterweight champion Jose Ramirez’s first fight in almost a year to defend his WBC title against Jose Pedraza and it would be on home turf in Fresno, CA. I’d have to be a fool to not accept this gig. I’ve been watching boxing pretty much my entire life and I’ve got my bell rung a few times dicking around with friends in their backyards with boxing gloves on. But then I shot ringside at a fight and watched these man/machines land punches that would hard reset me back to 1983 and operated in the sheer orchestrated chaos that is a TopRank fight production. Only then did I have a much more profound respect for these warriors/athletes. Easily one of my favorite experiences ever behind a camera and I’ll gladly do it any time Jose’s team will have me.

Thanks again to Jose’s manager Rick Mirigian and Aren Hekimian for the opportunity to do what I love at such an absurd level.


Save Mart Center

Fresno, CA