Seeds of Resilience Logo

The Job

Logo Design

Kings County Office of Education commissioned this work for a podcast they were going to produce called “Seeds of Resillience”.

The challenge was to incorporate a King Protea flower and “seeds” or “roots” into the design somehow. Everything else was up for creative interpretation. The idea was that we were going to work a “King Protea” flower and it already kind of has the shape of a crown, so that wasn’t so much of a stretch for “Kings County”. After several iterations I ended up working a microphone into it and packaged it into several shapes until we settled onto the oblong shape to simulate the shape of a microphone; specifically the iconic Shure 55SH.

Sadly, the project fizzled out because it turned out that Seeds of Resilience is a video game and we never moved forward with this because of the name, but this is still one of my favorite designs I’ve done.

The Client

Kings County Office of Education

Hanford, CA

The Gear

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Intuos Pro