The Job

Live show photos

To call the Souls of Mischief “instrumental” in my upbringing, is to do them a disservice. They have been one of my favorite hip-hop groups for over 20 years and have seen them live 5 times. On my 5th time seeing them live, I was given the opportunity by my friends at Numbskull Shows to knock out to actually shooting them live.

So, on August 29th, I drove my happy ass to Fresno, packed 2 bodies and 2 lenses and spent an epic night of hip hop populated by the Souls themselves and special appearances by Raw Wattage, the homie BKR and even Fresno’s own Planet Asia making his way to drop a few bars on stage (rocking an Anchovies hat, no less).

This is how we chill.



Fresno, CA