Photo Menage Field Trip

Don’t forget that this Friday is our field trip to Photo Menage Studio downtown for our studio lighting workshop with the photography class from Redwood. If you don’t have a permission slip to me by Thursday, you won’t be going. We’ll see you all then! If you gave me film to develop, it’s hanging up…


Just a quick reminder. We’ll be making contact sheets today so we can select an exposure for the upcoming art show at Cafe 210. If you have any undeveloped rolls, bring them in to develop and we’ll make more prints on Wednesday and Friday. Our deadline for submitting artwork is November 9th.


Thank you guys for bringing in your cameras and equipment you had checked out. Mostly I want to thank you guys for making our photography class more fun than it had any right to be. Have a great summer! I hope to see you guys and girls again next year! πŸ˜€

Equipment Return

It’s that time of the year again, guys.Β That time that is awesome for you because you’re off to summer vacation but awful for me because we don’t get to hang out in the darkroom again until August. πŸ™ That time, of course, is the time to start returning all the cameras and other equipment (lenses,…

Downtown Photo Walk

Thursday’s meeting will be our second-to-last meeting and I have arranged to have a little photo walk/photo scavenger hunt that will take place in Downtown Visalia. We will meet in Room J-12 and leave at 3:45pm. Bring your assigned camera and make sure you have enough room to carry a few rolls of film. We…