Or lack thereof…

No Matter How Many Miles It Takes: Mac Miller 1992-2018

I originally started to write this a year ago about Mac Miller’s impact on hip-hop for his birthday, before it devolved into a pretentious thought piece I couldn’t finish because it made me cringe and I deleted it. A year later, I finally realized what I started writing about: substance abuse and the downward spiral.

This is dedicated to my friend Coop. We all saw the signs and we ignored them and, for that, I am sorry. 💔


Descansa en paz, Tío. Guadalupe Carbajal May 10, 1950 – September 6, 2022 I’m still irrationally angry that I didn’t get to say goodbye. 😭

Michael Alvarez

I don’t know how many of you knew Michael Alvarez, but if you did, please offer your condolences to his family during this time. I will miss him greatly. Michael Robert Alvarez February 08, 1966 – July 24, 2022 A lot of you know I used to teach photography at Mt. Whitney when I was…

A Fierce Creature

A Fierce Creature. Poof was the runt of her litter. My sister and I actually didn’t call her “Poof” when she was born. She was born and named “Little” because we didn’t expect her to live past 2 years old. She GREW into the “Poof” we know her as today: A calculating hunting machine that…