Office Day

Today’s office: Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co capturing Silversun Pickups for New Rock 104.1. Thanks to my homie Hammer for hooking it up with the gig and many thanks to the crew at Tioga-Sequoia who allow me to run wild when I’m up in your crib. Photos coming soon.

August 2022 Art Hop

Haven’t been to Art Hop in a couple of months, so since I had to come drop off some info plaques for some prints that my homies Andy, Arthur and myself were exhibiting at Bitwise with the help of our boy Grizzly Neb, I figured I’d make the trip and stay a while. My friend…

Striped Adobe Lily

I’ve long been a supporter of everything Sequoia Riverlands Trust does. Today, they opened a site I’ve never been to before—Lewis Hill in Porterville, CA—to show off something that you can only really see here in Central California: the striped adobe lily. The striped adobe lily is actually an endangered flower and only grows for…

Pastrami Avocado Toast

When I’m stoned, starving and I have solid bread, the depraved depths I sink to are… not my finest moments. Navel Pastrami (from B&L Quality Meats), Arugula, Spinach, Alfalfa Sprouts (from Farmer’s Market), Spicy Tahini (from Pita Kabob) and Fried Egg on Country Bread.

Koja Burger

Dad flew in from Mexico and we went to San Francisco for my sister Maria’s graduation. We stopped at Koja in the Presidio neighborhood. My dad ordered the pork belly tacos which were enough of a revelation that they were devoured before I could get my phone out to get photos.