Grizzly Fest 2018

Grizzly Fest 2018 was a transformative year. We grew the festival from one day to TWO, we expanded the lineup and we changed the venue from Downtown Fresno to Woodward Park. It also marked the first year where I was effectively in charge of all design and photography direction; where I wasn’t directly involved in designing something, I usually had a final say in its direction. The photography crew (arguably the best photographers in Central California) I was lucky enough to work with was second-to-none. It was essentially a festival coming into its own with every person in our crew being at the very top of their game all the way across.

There are some things that no amount of schooling can ever hope to prepare you for. Working with a crew of this caliber is one of them.

Grizzly Fest 2019 is upon us soon.


The I.A.N. Group

What I Did

Graphic Design. Social Media Management. Photography. Stage Signage. General Print Ads.

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